In the tranquil hush of a November night, at 3:03 AM, November 22, 2020, God whispered to our visionary founder Ishmael: "Betr Juic’D!" Driven by unwavering faith, he embarked on a sacred quest to craft a beverage that transcends expectations. Betr Juic’D embodies his vision—a liquid treasure meticulously blended from the finest island superfoods, plucked from the heart of Jamaica. Bursting with flavor and teeming with nourishment, these fruits, too long relegated to the shadows, held the key to a healthier life. Immerse yourself, for Betr Juic’D is more than just a drink; it's a testament to Ishmael's devotion. It’s a symphony of tastes, an orchestra of nutrients, and a beacon of hope for a healthier life. Taste the culmination of his journey, born of faith, fueled by love, and destined to transform lives.

There's No One Comparable to Us.

Invest in your health, it's a decision that's wise. Our drinks are the answer, there's no need to compromise. Nutrients from the earth, nothing less will do. Elevate your well-being, uncover the Betr you!

Elevate The Betr Part of You.

In your divine uniqueness, you are God's masterpiece. This belief fuels our unwavering dedication, infusing each bottle with love, just for you. We aspire to touch hearts worldwide, and your invaluable support makes it possible. Thank you for being a vital part of our mission. ❤️

Faith Is The Winner.

When God empowered our Betr Juic’D founder to step away from his job during the heart of a pandemic, it was an act of unwavering faith. Today, that very same faith now stands as the catalyst behind your success, the champion within YOU!