Our Story

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Awakened from a dream, Ishmael heard the voice of the Lord say “It shall be called Betr Juic’D.”  Revived with spiritual energy, Ishmael, like his biblical namesake, was called upon to be a messenger for a better life. Daily ever since, he has delivered nature’s most remarkable ingredients in a bottle. It has been a journey of faith intertwined with a mission to share this most glorious and healthful inspiration that Ishmael presents to you Awaken, Life, and Revive.
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There Is No One Like Us.  Health is Wealth. So what you lack in your foods, our beverages are the vehicle to fortify you. Nutrients that come to you from the earth. No gimmicks. No added sugar. Just a Betr You!

We See The Betr Part of You. God sees you as His masterpiece and because we believe that, it’s easy to extend the kind of love we pour into every bottle. We want to inspire the world; so our (thank you) for helping us do that is creating this with YOU in mind.❤️

Faith Is The Winner.

When God gave the green light to our Betr Juic’D founder to leave his job, in the heart of a pandemic — it was a faith move! Now the same faith that started it all, is the same faith that led to the winner in You!